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Samsung GALAXY S5 : Official Hands-on - YouTube

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mariebrannen9 Mar 19, 2014 17:03

awesome video.

sblacherhuskylover Mar 26, 2014 16:03

I have seen the Samsung s5 abd like it. just stuck in a contract with another Galext phone.

gracegross9 Apr 06, 2014 23:04

I want this

Shelly38 Apr 10, 2014 21:04

hey at TMobile they will take care of ur contract with who u hve for cell phone contract .Been with T-Mobile for 2 yrs. little over tht really do luv the jump program they hve always helped me.I hve the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 32 g black Im thinking about upgrading to white one or Samsung Galaxy 5 .Give T-Mobile chnce .