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Something I want to try!

#Something I want to try!,creative,Summersnack,sugarcones,food,diy,yummy,musttry,socute,icecreamfake,Sprinkles
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smootiebootie May 17, 2014 18:05

Just buy cones, candy, and icing! Fill the cones with candy. Use icing to seal the candy in. Then use sprinkles for decoration on the icing and let it dry!

dianabeargiacometti Dec 14, 2015 13:12

Wow!! Did you try? 😮

Marina2345 Jan 26, 2016 12:01


erina Feb 04, 2016 20:02

Mouthwatering 😋

SofiaBorromeo Mar 14, 2016 13:03

Smarties 😋

RosemaryRose Mar 22, 2016 15:03

Summertime is getting closer!!