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uplike Jun 10, 2014 13:06

It could..nasty Rose..

lexiebrant7 Jun 12, 2014 18:06

True but the weight of them both would make the door move downward and they would have froze to death. At least we found out the true story of the titanic with rose alive sad that jack died but he saved her and it showed true love

melissasnuggs5 Jun 14, 2014 04:06

It would have sank if they both would have gotten on it.

elenamarie2 Jun 22, 2014 06:06

Well good thing that Jack and Rose weren't real people in love on the Titanic! It doesn't even matter. They would have sank.

uplike Dec 07, 2015 16:12

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erina Mar 11, 2016 09:03