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DIY: Make Your Own EOS Lip Balm! (Recycle Old EOS Container) - YouTube

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SpongeBobGeek Jul 07, 2014 13:07

Wow! I really like this and I'm planning to do this later. One of my eos's melted and I didn't know what to do with it and I found the perfect thing to do. Thanks!

ashley93 Feb 15, 2016 16:02

I love #eos 😍

CarinaCarina Feb 22, 2016 16:02

@SpongeBobGeek did you try? 😃

erina Feb 29, 2016 17:02

I love this tutorial!

RosemaryRose Mar 10, 2016 15:03

I wanna give it a try!!

Justinemonteil Mar 30, 2016 15:03

@mariel for sure 😉