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How To Have Natural White Teeth in 3 minutes ( Works 100% ) - YouTube

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shelbyanne Jul 17, 2014 00:07

Have to try!

cassandraisobel Apr 29, 2015 20:04

I tried this one time and my teeth chipped in a few places

sylestheld Aug 12, 2015 02:08

The acid in the lemon is bad for your teeth. It breaks down the enamial. Don't know how to spell it, sorry if I spelled it wrong.

tanline99 Aug 26, 2015 13:08

That's exactly what I was thinkin! I wonder if it causes a chemical rxn to where the lemon isn't harmful to enamel????

dianabeargiacometti Jan 22, 2016 14:01

Really? 😮

RosemaryRose Mar 21, 2016 15:03

Does it really work?