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uplike Aug 04, 2014 15:08

Love is talking about everything with you!

euniceduan Aug 06, 2014 05:08


amyhumphries503 Aug 07, 2014 15:08

love is understanding your partner is not perfect but good enough for you..

conniewhite7549 Aug 11, 2014 05:08

Everything doesn't mean he is less of a men just caz he wants to have a better relationship with me. Not everybody is the same and sometimes a men is not a men if u dint show him how to be it. some men r not born to be fathers some men don't have a chance. Rod is different not caz I change him but because he found it within himself and embraze it. no men is week if u don't want him 2. Remember that a husband is not just a husband is a men in ur hands that u have the power to lift him up or bring him down... a relationship is not just it is a lot more complicated and everyday with him is a new song. don't lead if u don't know but dint stand in the way.. a men who cares for u and takes u for who u r is the one u should fight for...

Bambi87 Feb 22, 2015 01:02

There is no place for jealousy as well. If u're jealous keep it to yourself:/ at least try:)