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Bubby123z Aug 24, 2014 13:08

I still love you but seeing you with those other girls make my heart hurt so bad. I miss you so much you don't have any idea.

Bubby123z Sep 08, 2014 02:09

@madi4eve If your bestfriend leaves you they are not true friends. If they want to leave let them thats how you find out who your true friends are.

myzzgrneyz Sep 23, 2014 06:09

will mingee

uplike Nov 26, 2015 15:11

✨Guys!! There's something new on Uplike! You can chat with your friends & Uplike community It's all explained here👉 #uplikechat

dianabeargiacometti Dec 22, 2015 13:12

Impossible to forget

mariel Jan 08, 2016 11:01

@Bubby123z well told!