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it's the truth every bit of it

it's the truth every bit of it
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georgierules247 Jul 17, 2015 05:07

I knew the girl since we were 10 we were bff's when we started high school we were still best friends but she changed at the first high school party we went to together its where she lost her virginity after that she started hanging out with the "popular" clique instead of me she would sleep with all kinds of guys and she's had 4 abortions without even caring that she was killing innocent helpless baby's oh but now she decides to keep it just to get my bf who is now my ex because of her today I went to her house pretending I wanted to hangout she was actually pregnant and she did take a DNA test but it wasnt my ex-boyfriends it was a retarded jock that I was obsessed with in middle school this might sound like a story but this time its not I swear she's fucking evil and is a slut