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diy,bracelet,jewel,liberty style,iwantit!,toocutee😍😍,bracelet!,jewelry!
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agathebriraud Jan 17, 2016 22:01

I made exactly the same by myself this weekend 😃 what do you think ? @doloresbdt @Michel09 @memyakang

Michel09 Jan 18, 2016 20:01

De nada! you like the manufacture of jewelry @agathebriraud

agathebriraud Jan 19, 2016 19:01

Yes I love it :D

Michel09 Jan 19, 2016 23:01

future jewelry designar @agathebriraud

agathebriraud Jan 20, 2016 21:01

Haha not so far! What do you like to do during your free time?

Michel09 Jan 22, 2016 00:01

I also like the jewelry☺️